29 08 2008

The new furniture catalog came out today with only two secrets in it 😦 (If you click the piano, you will get the guitar stand, If you click the orange lava lamp, you will get the blender) But who cares about that, because alot of new furniture came out!!

Also the new pin came out! It is located in the Boiler Room. It is a 150th newspaper pin. It’s pretty awesome!


Very Rare Items Might Be Returning…Again

21 08 2008

It Looks Like During The Penguin Games, The Red And Blue Face Mask Will Be Returning! It Looks Like The Fish Is Wearing The Blue Face Mask, And The Moose Wearing The Red!


Very Rare Items Might Be Returning

31 07 2008

I Noticed That In The New Newspaper The Penguins Were Wearing Very Rare Items. This Might Be The Return Of These Items Or It Might Not, But I Hope They Return!! :mrgreen:

Club Penguin Rare Items

29 07 2008

Club Penguin On The Nintendo DS!!

14 07 2008

Ever Sence Club penguin Was Launched, Many Penguins Have Been Asking About A Club Penguin Game For The Nintendo DS. Now It Will Be Coming True! 🙂 Here Is A Pic Of What It Will Look Like…


The Game Is Called Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force. You Can Play MiniGames From Club Penguin, Solve Mystories, And Much More!! Your Coins From The Game Can Even Be Transolated Into Your Original Penguin On Your Computer! Even Though The Game Will Be Launched Arount December, It Seems Like A Preety Cool Game!! 🙂

Feature Update

11 07 2008

Club Penguin Told Us That The New Features Would Be Ready To Launch On Tursday, But They Found A Few Bugs So It Will Be Ready To Launch Earlier Next Week. 😥

July Clothes Catalog Cheats

4 07 2008

Watch The Video For The July Catalog Cheats…