New Catalog!!

5 12 2008

The New Clothing Catalog Came Out Today With A LOT Of Secrets!!!

Here Are The Secrets…

You Can Get The Yellow Scarf By Clicking All The Christmas Lights On The Bottom Of The Christmas Tree…


You Can Get The Russan Hat By Clicking The Tree In The BackRound…


You Can Get The Red Viking Helmet By Clicking The Red Penguin’s Eyes…


You Can Get The Blue Viking Helmet By Opening And Closing The Red Viking Helmet Tab…


You Can Get The Red Hoodie (Which Is Also In The Treasure Book Catalog) By Clicking The LightHouse In The BackRound…


And You Can Get The Black Scuba Mask By Clicking “Available To All Players! 60 Coins Each”


There Might Be Something Else Hidden In The Catalog… So Just Post A Comment If I Left Anything Out.




2 responses

5 12 2008

theres the super hero mask by clickon the pink flipper.

7 12 2008

theres a super hero mask if u click on the pink flipper
i love ur videos
peace out home dawg!

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