20 06 2009

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Christmas Party!!! (And Rockhopper!)

19 12 2008

Today, Club Penguin Launched Their 2008 Chrismas Party!! They Brought Back The Santa Hat And The Santa Beard!! Here Is Where The Items Are Located…

The Santa Beard Is Located At The Ski Village…


The Santa Hat Is Located At The Snow Forts…


Also, The New Pin Is Located In The Ski Lodge…


Also, Rockhopper Came Today!! His Ship Is All Decorated For Christmas!!!


New Catalog!!

5 12 2008

The New Clothing Catalog Came Out Today With A LOT Of Secrets!!!

Here Are The Secrets…

You Can Get The Yellow Scarf By Clicking All The Christmas Lights On The Bottom Of The Christmas Tree…


You Can Get The Russan Hat By Clicking The Tree In The BackRound…


You Can Get The Red Viking Helmet By Clicking The Red Penguin’s Eyes…


You Can Get The Blue Viking Helmet By Opening And Closing The Red Viking Helmet Tab…


You Can Get The Red Hoodie (Which Is Also In The Treasure Book Catalog) By Clicking The LightHouse In The BackRound…


And You Can Get The Black Scuba Mask By Clicking “Available To All Players! 60 Coins Each”


There Might Be Something Else Hidden In The Catalog… So Just Post A Comment If I Left Anything Out.

New Unlockable Items!!!

5 12 2008
Today, Club Penguin Updated The Treasure Book Catalog!!!
They Added…
Santa Hat
Santa Beard
Red Hoodie
Pirate Boots
Reindeer Antlers
Elf Suit
And Elf Shoes


Click Here To View The Catalog…
That’s All For Now…


27 11 2008

Hi ppl Sorry I Haven’t Posted Anything In A While My Computer Broke So Ya.

well umm… ya


ALSO… The Game Card-Jitsu Came Out A Few Days Ago!! I Got A Couple Of Secrets On How To Win Card-Jitsu!


Here’s The First Way…

1.) Start With Water (If you Beat The Other Players Card, Move Onto Step2)

2.) Choose Fire (If you Beat The Other Players Card, Move Onto Step3)

3.) Choose Water (If you Beat The Other Players Card, Move Onto Step4)

4.) Choose Snow

(NOTE: This Might Not Work Some Times)


Here’s The Second Way…

1.) Start Card-Jitsu With Any Card (If You Beat The Other Players Card, Move Onto Step2)

2.) For Your Next Card, Do What Ever Your Opponent Chose… FOR EXAMPLE:

(If Your Opponent Chose Ice, Do Ice)

(If Your Opponent Chose Fire, Do Fire)

(If Your Opponent Chose Snow, Do Snow)

3.) Just Keep Repeating Step2!!

(NOTE: This Might Not Work Some Times)

Once You Become A Ninja And Defeat Sensei, You Can Go To A Secret Room/Hideout.

In The Secret Room/Hideout, There Is A Ninja Catalog…

Click Here To View It.


14 09 2008

31 08 2008

How to get 1,000,000 coins fast (WAY 2)

Step1: Go to

Step2: Log into a safe chat server

Step3: Go to the Coffee Shop

Step4: Walk to the Bean Counters game

Step5: When it ask you if you want to play, press YES

Step6: Now start playing bean counters

Step7: Once you loose all your lives, it will be game over

Step8: Now press Tab on your keyboard until the EXIT GAME button is surrounded by a yellow box

Step9: Now hold down ENTER on your keyboard and your coins should start going up

(NOTE: The only way to log out is to REFRESH the page)